DH22: Muse necklace

DH22: Muse necklace

David Holmes

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With Respect exhibition, 11-23 March, 2013
I often find my muse while walking along a beach. I think she is hiding from me, I catch glimpses of her shining wet from the sea washing over her, and then she will disappear in the sand and foam being dragged in and out by the wash of the waves. Sometimes she is hiding amongst rocks half buried in the sand and wedged between a rock and a hiding place. Then a wave crashes over her, I can lose sight of her for a moment and have to chase after her before the next wave. I sometimes capture her image in things I have found that she has left behind, but she is forever changing and I will forever have to hunt to find her again.


Found materials, porcelain figure, shell, black pearl,stg silver, gold leaf, nylon cord