Blue Black - Absence Observes online show

Introducing "Absence Observes" by Dunedin ceramic artist Blue Black. This is a show that we were looking forward to hosting in the gallery in late March, to coincide with the Dunedin Fringe Festival. For obvious reasons, that couldn't go ahead, but we've put together this online show to share Blue's incredible work. We are of course still planning for the show to go ahead as soon as we are back up and running in the gallery again too. The link below will open an online lookbook of the show in a new tab.

Blue Black Absence Observes

This show has a domestic sense of things, comprising groups of chairs clustered around a lamp, a television set, and a commanding chairman.

The initial process of making is the sensation of ripping a squishing the clay in my hands, then cutting and constructing these forms with domestic utensils like knives and forks, creating contrast between smooth planes and ragged edges.

The work has a sense of flow and rhythm loosely following characters of sheet music, including notes, quavers and sharps.

All of these chairs have strong individual characteristics to them and stand on their own, without the necessity of filling the seats with figures, leaving an airy sense of absence.