Justin Culina

From a ridge in Parua Bay, Northland, Justin Culina works overlooking the ocean - in this context he finds endless inspiration for his fine glass works. Justin Culina's portfolio ranges from ocean inspired bowls, to complex vases, intricate platters and utilitarian drink ware.

At the core of Justin Culina's practice is a concern for incorporating ancient glass techniques in a contemporary manner. He first spent a number of years developing a skill set in techniques such as cane rolls ups, murine, incalmo, filigree and latticino, which he now incorporates into his work and employs in new and exciting ways.

A focus on form is also at the center of Culina's work, with an interest in the shapes that glass naturally wants to assume in the making process. This can be seen in his bowl and vase forms, with their fluted and undulated edges.

Culina is prolific full-time artist who enjoys not only producing his own work but also collaborating with other artists and sharing his process through public demonstrations. His studio is called Culina Glass, and his work is represented by galleries throughout New Zealand and found in private collections internationally.

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