Luke Jacomb Studio

Launched from a garage in Newton, Auckland (Aotearoa New Zealand) in 2008 by renowned glass artist Luke Jacomb, Luke Jacomb Studio focuses on producing an affordable range of handmade cast and blown glass art and homewares. Known as the beloved Lukeke Design until being renamed Luke Jacomb Studio in 2023.

Luke and his team aim to bring beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand created glass art into the homes and spaces of people worldwide. Using the lost wax casting method, each of the birds, bees and flowers created by the Luke Jacomb Studio team is individually hand crafted. Taking more than 24 hours to complete, each piece is hand tooled and finished, creating unique objects that bear testament to their handmade nature. Grouped together the wall-mounted birds display the magical properties of glass art in the changing light, creating enchanting silhouettes and shadows which mimic their flight path, adding colour and movement to a space.

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